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Nikon D40

$500.00 Released December, 2006

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Compact and light. Great image quality. Unlimited continuous shooting mode is useful.

The Cons:No external focus pin. Can't customize exposure steps. Not the Canon Rebel.

The Nikon D40 is an attempt by the massive camera maker to introduce digital SLRs to the mass-market with a more affordable price. Falling on the lower end of the high-end D series from Nikon, the D40 can be seen as the D50's smaller sibling.

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Product Shot 2 Despite being smaller and less expensive, Nikon has taken the time between the earlier D50's release, and the more recent D40 to upgrade various technologies making the D40 quite comparable to the more expensive D50. In fact many of the technologies incorporated in the D40 are inspired from the higher end D80 and D200 prosumer/professional grade cameras.

Notable features of the D40 include the same Nikon processing engine as in the D80/D200, in-camera retouching, help suggestions in the viewfinder, SDHC support, and an unlimited 2.5FPS continuous shooting mode. Note: SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) is a secure digital card format that allows for capacities beyond 2GB. ISO sensitivity ranges from 200-1600 and can reach an equivalent of ISO3200 with the HI 1 functionality.

One of the main differences with this D40 SLR and the other high-end models is that the camera does not contain an external focus pin. What this means is that only certain lens, namely AF-S and AF-I lenses, will be able to focus on the D40. Normal lenses will only be able to use the computer focus, not adjust the optical lens focus itself.

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    Compact and light

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    Great image quality

  • 5

    Unlimited continuous shooting mode is useful

  • 5

    Write times are fast

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    amazing color

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    More sensitive to light than higher pixel Nikon's (d60+ etc) half ISO means less blurry pictures

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    No external focus pin

  • -1

    Can't customize exposure steps

  • -7

    Not the Canon Rebel

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Discordanian: #nikon_d40 Got one for my wife. I'm really impressed with the amount of bang for the buck that Nikon gives on this camera. Jan 5, 08
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artsyninja: #nikon_d40 *runs to store to buy one now* can't beat a $600 durable nikon =] Jun 18, 07
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Erik: #nikon_d40 Man, you gotta love these new lower prices on high quality SLR cameras. At 600 bucks, and based on the reviews this one should be on your list if you're looking for an affordable SLR. May 31, 07
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